Based in the Bay Area of California, he is hoping to use his lyrical versatility and life experiences to break into the mainstream music industry. Levi Zadoff is a firm believer in freedom of artistry, and the idea that music is one of the best tools to communicate. He has a strong passion for the inclusion of lyrical puns and metaphors as a driving force for his sound.

Levi’s last project was titled “Progress” was a 4 track project, and to Levi it was a “warm up project”, but was still quite impressive, doing almost 60 thousand units. Showing the world what Levi Zadoff is capable of as an independent, unsigned artist.

In early 2019 Levi Zadoff became a member of AXO Talent, Based in Los Angeles “AXO Talent is a versatile media Production, Digital Marketing, and lifestyle Design agency that focuses on producing engaging content, Establishing Marketing Solutions, and Guiding ambitious visionaries.”

Recently launching the BETA version of his consultation service: Don’t Starve Co, Levi plans to give artists the tools and knowledge that they deserve, and need, in order to succeed.

Levi Zadoff is more than an artist, Levi Zadoff is a brand, entrepreneur, & multi-talented artist.

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In depth Interview With BTRU Entertainment

Levi has something like a 6th sense when it comes to knowing when to break the mold. This is what makes him who he is. For only taking music and the music industry seriously for a short time he has developed a substantial amount of accolades independently before partnering with anyone. He has had a decent amount of radio play in the Bay area (where he was residing) and almost half a million streams on SoundCloud just this past year alone. Levi has the talent and the potential to really surpass many milestones when it comes to the industry.



- 2+Million streams just on Soundcloud Last year Alone

-First Cross-Platform project did almost 60k Units

-Frequent Radio Play

-Verified on Google

- Brand presence

- Proven fan base

(All this as an independent artist in 2 years)